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pico rivera bed bugs

Pico Rivera Bed Bugs

We’ve never met someone who wants to have bed bugs in their bed. You may have heard, Pico Rivera bed bug infestations are rising. If you think that you have bed bugs in your home you should give us a call today.

Unfortunately, unlike spiders and ants, you can’t just ignore bed bugs. Once bed bugs are in your home, they won’t go away until a Pico Rivera bed bug control expert gets rid of them.

Bed bugs attack humans, typically while they sleep. Pico Rivera bed bugs will pierce your skin with their sharp tongue and then cut through the flesh to find blood vessels. Bed bugs usually feed on blood for 5-10 minutes and then return to their hiding spot.

Bed Bug Control Pico Rivera

Usually, when people figure out they have bed bugs, it isn’t because they found the actual bed bugs themselves. Bed bugs are very good at staying hidden. Bed bugs usually hide in small, dark crevices near your bed. If you notice dark fecal or blood spots on your bedding fabric then you likely have a Pico Rivera bed bug problem. Another way people discover bed bugs is by finding lots of bites all over their body or they itch a lot.

If you think you have a Pico Rivera bed bug problem, you should not consider sleeping in your bed until they have been exterminated. Our Pico Rivera pest control experts are willing to answer your bed bug questions. Just give us a call today to get your quote.

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